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Out of the Lens
Directed by Sarah Redmond

In fact, simplicity seems to be crucial to the mini-musical. It’s a delightfully low-key 45 minutes, which sees naturalistic acting, a modest set (consisting of only five stage blocks) and a no-frills approach to lighting achieve much success in restraint. A musical which treats its audience and characters with respect - Broadway Baby

Redmond's staging is a triumph of ambition and ingenuity over the practicalities of a small space, something companies in the less mainstream venues do so well.- The Scotsman

Guy Woolf gave a very endearing performance as Joseph, with some lovely comedic moments, and Sarah Redmond's direction was truly excellent. The realism in the pair's interaction was a joy to observe. Woolf and Walker's careful relationship was beautifully approached and avoided the hideous camp and cheese which often trips up lesser productions.-