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My own favourite was the wonderful rendition of ‘Send in the Clowns’ – my own personal Sondheim favourite – which was just superbly delivered by Sarah and had me a bit moist-eyed by the end.
London Theatre 1

Last and certainly not least is the captivating Redmond, who outperforms the other two in terms of her stagecraft and acting. But she’s also got the voice, and like McConvey swings from the sublime (her ‘Send in the Clowns’ is elegant and beautiful) to the ridiculous (the funniest ‘The Boy From…’ I’ve ever had the joy to watch). A last minute replacement for Su Pollard, who left the show only a week or so before previews, Redmond does an exemplary job, leaving me wondering why I’ve never seen her on stage before.
Musical Theatre Review

Marianne Benedict, Grant McConvey and Sarah Redmond (replacing Pollard) complement each other perfectly as a trio. Versatility is essential due the emotional range of the material and highlights include Benedict's shattering rendition of Losing My Mind, McConvey's I Remember from Evening Primrose and Redmond in general. From the breathtaking Getting Married Today to her resilient I'm Still Here, Redmond proves not only a sensible replacement but also an fine interpreter of some of Sondheim's best work.
The Stage Newspaper

Then there’s Su Pollard’s replacement Sarah Redmond who is most definitely the star of the show. Redmond’s performance of “Send in the Clowns” from A Little Night Music is devastatingly beautiful. From one extreme to another she then has everyone crying with laughter by her rendition of “A Boy From…” from The Mad Show. Redmond has an experienced confidence when it comes to this cabaret-esque style of performance, that works wonderfully in this show.


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Sarah Redmond has an amazing voice which can encompass all manner of comic effects and her solo opera number is probably the most successful item in the show
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Sarah as the daughter being tickled through the trills of Queen Of The Night aria by Harpo is excellent.
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Swooping menacing, this is a nice performance
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Sarah Redmonds high pitched shrieking wicked witch is great value.She looks marvellous on the ground and even more marvellous side saddle on her broomstick
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Sarah Redmond glitters and smoulders and sings to glamourously comic effect
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Sarah Redmond radiates barefaced charm and sings superbly
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Laugh-a-minute Sarah Redmond
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Sarah Redmonds effective choreography played its part too and the spectacular finale number was worth the trip alone
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Sarah Redmond, A powerful presence wherever she goes
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Sarah Redmond is particularly winning
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Sarah Redmond who reveals herself as a Marlene Dietrich sound-a-like
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Brilliantly performed
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Sarah Redmond gave a bravura performance
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